5 tips to make progress in your thesis in this vacation

We know that vacations are equivalent to rest, and doing the thesis of course, is not a relaxing exercise. However, you should keep in mind that once these days are over, it is necessary to return to meet this last challenge to achieve graduation and practice.

Therefore, we give you some advice so that you do not disconnect from your thesis altogether, and so when you finish your recess period you are not lost, so that you can finish your project more quickly.

1. Make a list of possible research topics

Take advantage of this holiday season to build a list of research topics that you are passionate about, including their pros and cons; in such a way that when you return to the university you have managed to choose the best one.

2. Choose a good tutor or thesis advisor

Most universities offer the possibility of the student choosing his thesis advisor; therefore, take advantage of the rest time to select one who has extensive knowledge on the subject. Remember that it is the person that will accompany you throughout the process.

3. Review the guidelines for your university’s degree works

Before selecting the thesis topic, inquire about the guidelines established by your university in relation to the research lines; Well, not all have the same requirements and this will prevent you from leaving your job when you are already advanced.

4. Talk to your relatives

In this time of family integration talk with your loved ones about the new stage of initiation, mention the importance of this, and ask for their understanding and support throughout the process.

5. Become aware of this new challenge

These days of relaxation are also a suitable space to meditate and become aware of the last step to take to culminate your professional career. Therefore, in UVR we recommend that during this vacation you prepare your mind and spirit in general so that you can develop your thesis in the best way, as well as to end your student stage and enter the labor market.