Tricks to succeed in sustaining your thesis

The subject of your thesis was very interesting, the methodology used was perfectly adjusted to the objectives set, and it is likely that the results found are satisfactory. In addition to the presentation of the final document, which should have been impeccable in terms of style correction and APA standards.

However, in order to completely finish the thesis process you need one last step: to make the defense or defend it. Therefore, knowing a little about presentations and oral expression is a basic competence for the thesis students.

Then we bring you some tricks to keep in mind to succeed in sustaining your thesis.

The support material

The slides for the sustentation are fundamental in your presentation, so keep in mind the following:

Start the lift with an index where you place the topics you will talk about throughout the session.

Do not use colors or backgrounds with too flashy images, as this will divert attention from the public.

Write maximum 30 words per slide, and as far as possible less, this will guarantee a less saturated presentation.

Do not read the slides, you should make a presentation, so do not write paragraphs, in them just put keywords that remind you what you should say.

Use images, graphics and tables, is a practical way to present information and also allows you to have a more striking presentation and make a more dynamic exhibition.

Use Sans Serif letters or without auctions. Comic Sans (No) Calibri (Yes).

All slides must have a title.

Use dark letters on a light background or light letters on a dark background.

Use templates, be it the own template of your university or some of Power Point, this is important to make your presentation look better.

Avoid the use of capital letters held throughout the slides.

Place quotes in some parts of the presentation, select the best quotes from your thesis, and write them so that you can share them on the day of your defense.

In the last slides place the references of your exhibition.

The oral presentation

The way you expose will also determine the success of your defense, so keep the following tips in mind:

Speak with conviction, be safe, let your audience know that you have a perfect command of the subject and that your thesis is of real interest. Be careful with showing yourself superb, this is not the same as security.

Practice long before the lift, this will help you to master your fears and to be more confident when it comes to presenting yourself. Remember the words of Tiger Woods: “The recipe to be an expert in something is to practice many times”.

Be specific, it is not about explaining perfectly every detail of your investigative process, remember only to highlight the most important, but above all, what you consider essential for a correct understanding of the project.

Your nonverbal language should be the perfect accompaniment, use your hands to explain, move around the stage and look firmly at your audience. In this way you will express not only your language but your body.

Dress appropriately for the occasion, in this definitive moment any detail is important, and clothing is no exception.

Keep a simple language, remember not to complicate with tricky words or foreign words that you later forget to pronounce or use properly.

He manages to have contact with the attendees, both visually and communicatively, they can even participate, without spreading the word, this is your moment.

Prepare yourself for the questions of the jury, when answering do it with security, remember that they can not crack you, because nobody knows of your thesis more than you.